Canada’s Pharmacy Past: A Historical Overview

The Old History of Brick and Mortar Canadian Pharmacies

Among the first New France’s settlers there was Louis Hébert(wikipedia link) from Paris who worked as a pharmacist. Since his settling in Quebec (1617) till the promulgation of the first health care legislation by Intendant François BIGOT, which dates back to 1750, the regulation concerning the medical and pharmaceutical profession in New France was rather poor. A little later, there was the period of attentions to pass separate efficient legislation covering all aspects of drug distribution, its monitoring, which lasted more than century.

However, these efforts were not being covered with success. During this period of desperate efforts to legalize the profession of pharmacy, many pharmacy organizations were established in Canada. Their activity was short-term. Lastly, the first permanent Canadian pharmacy organization, called Canadian Pharmaceutical Association appeared in 1907.

History of Canadian Online Pharmacies

Some decades ago, many Americans intentionally went to Canada in order to find cheap medications. Indeed, Canadian pharmaceutical market was recognized as one of the most affordable, which we can observe nowadays too.

Since the beginning of the 2000s there were no need to go far away to get needed drugs at cheap price. It was due to the Internet technologies development and online pharmacies formation. A few online pharmacies were initially founded in Canada, which allowed both citizens and foreign costumers make online purchases not leaving their homes. The first Canadian online pharmacies began to emerge in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Entrepreneurs thought it would be a great solution of the rapid increasing of prescription meds prices.

AWC Canadian Pharmacy was founded in 2003 –

Considering Canadian Pharmacies: Potential Cost Savings on Medications

The United States government bodies, taking into consideration most of the pharmaceutical companies’ recommendations, have set dear prices for many medications, in particular those ones, which are taken in case of problems with erection. Some part of population is granted with governmental program, which funds some part of drug’s cost. Manufacturers of anti-ED medications offer many cost covering programs for their customers. One of the most popular implies getting discount card which allows save some money when buying with it. Pfizer (Viagra producer) and Eli Lilly (Cialis producer) often offer this client-friendly program. At the same time, most part of men have to buy pricy drugs for erectile dysfunctions.

The price for one Viagra tablet can reach to 60-70 dollars. For example, according to website, 10-pill Viagra pack costs $719. Most men are not ready to give such a cost for one pleasant night.

It should be noted that in other countries prices for anti-ED medicines can also be high. Because of this, people are looking for cheaper options and often opt for Canadian online pharmacies.

Potential Cost Savings on Medications Through Canadian Online Pharmacies

In Canada, medications are much cheaper when compared to American pharmaceutical market. That is why, in the end of the 20s century Americans intentionally traveled to Canada for the sake of saving money on Canadian drugs. Canadian entrepreneurs understood that Canadian pharmaceutical market is very attractive for both national and foreign clients and started the era of online drug stores. They gained huge popularity within a short space of time.

If you need to buy Viagra from Canadian pharmacy, the price of 20 dollars or less for one branded pill will definitely satisfy you. The differences between Canadian and American prices (almost 70 dollars per pill) is enormous.

Canadian drugstores offer you wide range of anti-ED medications: from generic Viagra to other efficient drugs. Their price is just 1-3 dollars for one tablet. Now you will not find legalized generic version of Viagra in the USA, because of the validity of protection patent. Canadian generic Viagra is legal and available for users. This is great option for those, who seek for very low prices.

Customer-friendly programs is what Canadian pharmacies are especially famous for. Pricing policy may include discounts, different promotions, etc. In addition, you can even get free samples of ED medication.

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