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Active Ingredient: Tamsulosin Hydrochloride

Flomax as known as generic name: tamsulosin; brand names include: Veltam / Flomaxtra / Urimax

Flomax is categorized as an alpha-blocker.

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Flomax 0.2 mg
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Flomax 0.4 mg
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Before you buy Flomax online

What is Flomax?

Flomax helps to reduce the tone of muscles in the bladder neck and prostatic gland, thus relieving the symptoms of obstructed urination of different etiology in men. It is a FDA-approved medicine, which is also available in the form of generics. Flomax is produced in the form of pills for oral administration.

Is It for Me?

Flomax (tamsulosin) is an RX drug; it is not available without a prescription anywhere. It can be prescribed to you in the following cases:

  • You are a man (Flomax is not for women or children).
  • You have a confirmed diagnosis of BPH.
  • You suffer from urination obstruction due to blocking of bladder outlet, enlarged prostate and other disorders.
  • You have stones in the bladder and/or kidneys.

There can be some other cases where you can use Flomax. Ask your doctor for details.

How do I Choose the Right Dosage?

Dosage of Flomax is stated by a specialist in every particular case. To mitigate side effects that can occur after the beginning of treatment, the dose is increased gradually. If you for some reasons are planning to stop taking Flomax, you should reduce the dose gradually as well. A standard initial dose of Flomax is 0.4 mg per day. A standard maximum dose is 0.8 mg per day. Do not change the prescribed daily amount of the medicine by your own will. Do not double the dose if you missed one.

How do I Take Flomax?

Flomax is made in the dosage form of capsules with different content of tamsulosin. Capsules are to be swallowed whole, without crashing or chewing. It is not recommended to take Flomax on an empty stomach. According to an official instruction, it is administered in about half an hour after meals. It is strongly recommended to take Flomax at one at the same time every day. Try not to miss the dose and not to change the time of administration..

What are the Mechanisms behind Flomax?

One of the most annoying symptoms of an enlarged prostate is difficult urination. The reason for it is usually a blockage of the bladder outlet. It happens due to the growth of smooth muscles in an enlarging prostate and their increased tone. Tamsulosin blocks alpha-1 adrenoceptors that mediate the smooth muscle tone. As a result, muscles relax, blockage of the bladder outlet is removed, and urine flow is improved. So the symptoms of BPH are relieved. However, Flomax does not impact the prostate size and doesn’t cure the disease.

Note: Flomax reduces blood pressure, but it shouldn’t be used as a hypotensive medicine.

What is Flomax Uptake Time?

Flomax is absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestinal canal. It has a relatively high absorbability – over 90 percent if taken in the fasted state. You can maintain the rate of absorption on an unchanged level, taking the drug after meals at one and the same time.

The maximum concentration of Tamsulosin in blood is reached in 4-5 hours if taken fasted, and in 6-7 hours if it is administered after meals. The effect of food is preserved irrespective of food amount. Over 99 % of the active ingredient is bound with plasma proteins. Tamsulosin and its metabolics are excreted with urine mainly.

How Efficient if Flomax?

Flomax is a highly effective medicine with a selective action. It impacts only particular alpha-1 adrenoceptors located in the smooth muscles of pelvis organs – prostate and bladder, which minimizes adverse effects. Daily use of Flomax helps to reduce symptoms of obstructed urination. In particular, according to clinical trials results, it mitigates pain, improves urine flow, removes symptoms of overactive bladder.

Does Flomax have Any Side Effects?

In general, Flomax is considered a safe drug, but sometimes it can cause certain side or residual effects, which are unpleasant rather than dangerous.

Here are some of common side effects:

  • reduced libido – men often complain loss of interest to sexual matters;
  • dizziness, the sense of light-headiness, drowsiness;
  • toothache;
  • upset stomach, vomiting. nausea;
  • blurred or changed vision;
  • dry orgasms, or very small amounts of semen produced, reverse ejaculation (rarely);
  • priapism (rarely);
  • headache, fever, symptoms of common cold.

Also one should keep in mind that Flomax can interact with some other medicines and tell your doctor if you use any of them. Be especially cautious if you take:

  • drugs with hypotensive effect;
  • other alpha-blockers;
  • PDE-5 inhibitors;
  • vasodilating medicines and medicines for heart disorders.

If you feel severe side effects on the background of Flomax taking, tell your doctor about it.

Any Essential Tips on Flomax Use?

To make the most of taking Flomax, use it at one and the same time every day (ideally – after breakfast).

To reduce the cost of treatment (if tamsulosin works well for you) ask your doctor or contact awc canadian pharmacy experts to replace brand Flomax with one of approved generic options.

Keep in mind that the effect from Flomax use can be postponed (not immediate). Sometimes one has to take it for about a month to see the result.

Finally, don’t forget that Flomax is for symptomatic treatment only. It doesn’t eliminate the cause, but treats effects.


Store this product at the room temperature of 77 degrees F (25 degrees C) away from light and moisture. Brief storage between 59-86 degrees (15-30 degrees C) is permitted.


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